Wear Parts

MST offer a range of wear parts to help reduce the effects of hard wearing applications on excavator and loader buckets. Cast bucket teeth and adapters, wear packages, wear blades, Hardox steel and wear plates are all available for next day delivery.

Bucket Teeth & Adapters

MST can offer a wide range of replacement teeth to fit directly onto your existing adapters. A range of styles are offered to suit your machine and application including  standard, abrasion, rock chisel, tiger and twin tiger. As well as the common direct replacement caterpillar tooth systems , MST also offer a selection of patented systems such as the hamerless Esco Ultralok sytem and the Combi Proclaws system for quarrying applications. 

Wear Packages

MST can also provide special wear packages that have been designed for buckets working in extreme wear applications. These products include wing shrouds, side protectors, wear buttons and 'chocky bars'.

Wear Plates

MST offer a complete range of steel wear plates to suit almost any application or machine including cutting edges, base plates, industrial wear sections, skid plates, grader edges, wear plates, repair segments, side plates and bolt on edges. Either through hardened edges from stock or made to order wear plates designed to the customers specific specification.

Hardox wear plate

Hardox steel is manufactured by SSAB Oxelösund – a subsidiary of the SSAB Swedish Steel Group. It is the world's leading manufacturer of quenched and tempered heavy plate, characterised by the combination of high strength and toughness, derived from its clean steel composition and a unique production process. SSAB Oxelösund focuses exclusively on manufacturing quenched and tempered steels.

Cutting edge solution to your wear problem

Hardox Wearparts boosts performance and maximises the uptime of applications such as excavators, front-wheel loaders, tipper bodies, mining trucks, conveyors, chutes, containers, crushers, fragmentisers, mixers, sieves, demolition tools and barges. For workshops, it shortens lead times and cuts production costs.Hardox Wearparts is manufactured in plate form ranging from 3.2mm up to 120mm thick. Grades including Hardox 450, Hardox 500, Hardox 550, Hardox 600 and Hardox HiTuf are available for all kinds of applications.

In 2013, MST were made an official Hardox wear parts centre for the UK. For more information visit our news section.

White Iron weld on wear bars for extreme wear applications

For high wear areas, MST can supply a range of weld on white iron bonded wear bars. With hardness of up to 700 brinell, the white iron plates ensure long lasting wear protection. The wear bars are available in a range of sizes including wear buttons and 'chocky bar' sections.



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