Expander System

This revolutionary pin eliminates pivot pin wear, removing the need for line boring. The Expander double-sided locking system ensures stability and safety, giving you a guaranteed long lasting solution to pivot wear. MST are the sole UK authorised distributor of the Expander system and the product comes with an impressive 10 year warranty.

NO MORE LINE BORING. How does it work?

Expander has been servicing the market with permanent solutions for pivot wear for nearly 30 years. The Expander System has been field tested for over 50,000 hours without failure. So far, there are approximately 50,000 different Expander applications for over 1,100 machine makes and 8,000 models including Volvo, Doosan, catepillar and Komatsu machines.

The problem of pivot pin wear

The problem of pivot wear in machinery and equipment is well known. Even with close original tolerances, the holes in the lugs will begin to wear. This process accelerates and the holes become oval, which affects both the efficiency and stability of the machine. Repairing the lugs is expensive and time consuming and is still only temporary, wear will appear again.

Introducing the revolutionary Expander® System

Expander Group has developed a system to permanently solve this problem. The Expander System consists of an axle, which is tapered at both ends, expansion sleeves, pressure washers and fastening elements. The parallel expansion of the sleeves eliminates play in the pivot lugs.

You can have access to Expander's online catalogue today!

Expander have a comprehensive online catalogue and database to help identify and order the correct Expander pin for your application. The CADEX system allows users to search via machine, dimensions and part numbers and provides dimension drawings and prices for quick reference. If you would like to access the Expander Cadex system please contact MST so a username and password can be supplied and then click on the link below:

Video Demo


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